This VS That: Minimalist VS Contemporary

Minimalist vs Contemporary design styles – two of the most common interior design styles used in Singapore.

Maybe a few of us are able to spot the difference between both styles, but if you’re not attentive enough to the details, you could get confused as both of these styles spot similar characteristics and could give off the same vibes and confuse many homeowners.

In order to help you achieve the style that you really want, we share with you more on the characteristics of each style and what you can do to achieve each look. You can even play things up a little to achieve a minimalist-contemporary home for yourself!

What is the Minimalist interior design style? 

The minimalist way of life has been in trend for quite a while and many of us would roughly know what it means to be a minimalist.

Defined as a deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design, Minimalism is an exercise in restraint, where space, lighting, and other furnishings play equally important roles and contribute to the entire flow and feel of the house.

Sounds complicated?

Let me break it down for you:

  • Clean designs
  • Lots of white space
  • Cut down furnishings to the bare essentials
  • A simple, clean and uncluttered space, a comfortable atmosphere for you to rest and relax in while delivering maximum impact

Colours used in a Minimalist home

Many of us assume that a minimalist home means having to paint the entire house white, cream or beige, if you like that colour scheme, go ahead, but we would suggest going for other colours as well to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere as a monochromatic home with only whites could make your home look more cold than comfortable. 

When selecting colours for your Minimalist home, go for soft and neutral shades that you like, if yellow is your favourite colour, then pick different soft shades of yellow. 

Furniture used in a Minimalist home

Take into consideration form and functionality when picking out furniture and the kind of carpentry work you want done for your minimalist home. 

You want to keep all your furniture sleek and simple while ensuring that they serve their purpose. If an item doesn’t serve its purpose, then eliminate it and make space for something that’s worth the space. 

The lines, form and shapes of each furniture should also flow well and blend in with one another, selecting furniture with clean and defined lines or curves and flat surfaces, cabinets without handles will also contribute to an even cleaner and soothing look.

What is the Contemporary Interior Design Style? 

Contemporary style homes are influenced by the modern interior design style, it focuses on the architectural elements, decorative details and makes use of a concise colour palette, achieving a calm and serene atmosphere similar to a minimalist home.

Here are its characteristics:

  • Use of mirrors
  • Clean lines
  • Glossy and bright furnishings
  • Large windows for lots of natural lighting
  • Simple, comfortable, cozy and sophisticated

One thing to note is that most HDB flats and Condominiums do not allow the replacement of windows to larger ones, so you’ll have to make do with what you have.

Colours used in Contemporary Design

There is a wider range of colours and flexibility for contemporary designs – they spot very neutral background (wall) colours while the furniture and furnishing they use can be bright and earthy colours that complement well with each other. 

The style also usually includes the use of metals, leather and other monochromatic colours.

Instead of matching black, white and gray together like what they do for modern style homes, or the whites and creams in minimalist homes, go for bolder colours to brighten and liven up your home.

Furniture used in Contemporary Design

Contemporary style homes incorporate whimsicality by including the use of a few interesting pieces of furniture, too many extraordinary furniture could turn your space into a mess though, so do try to pick out only a few items to add novelty into your home. 

The style also pays attention to furniture and decorative objects made of leathers, steel, chrome or glass and other furniture with polished and glossy surfaces.

To make things simpler for you, here is a list of differences between both styles:

If you’re still confused, click here to discuss with one of our experienced designers on creating your dream home!

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