At Design Story, we are committed to crafting the best interior design personalised to meet your requirements.

Our passion lies in transforming spaces into functional and stylish place you can retreat to. We don’t just design for you, we work with you to create a home unique and special to you and your loved ones.

We take on a friendly approach towards all of our home owners’ project. Our team of interior designers deliver exceptional customer service to ensure that the nature and complexities of your interior design project is fully communicated across to and understood by the project team. Rest assured that your home is well taken care of throughout the entire process.

Our stable clientele comprising predominantly of loyal retainer and their referrals are a strong testament of our work ethic and ingenious talent!


Design Story Singapore

About Design Story

Design Story is a boutique interior design firm that specialise in turning your design concepts into a reality. 

The genesis of Design story is to help our homeowners design and build aesthetically pleasing yet functional homes that are tailored to their specific lifestyle and needs. 

With more than a decade of experienced interior designers here at Design Story, we are able to create homes that our clients love because we know the common pitfalls that are often overlooked by others.

We even built our own in-house carpentry studio to ensure that all the carpentry works is delivered with the best quality.

If you are looking for a professional and service oriented interior design company to bring your dream home to life, feel free to contact us!

In-House Carpentry Interior Design Singapore

With our own in-house carpentry studio, Design Story’s team of experience IDs and skilled carpenters can oversee the entire fabrication process and have full control of the quality of the carpentry works.

This means that we can deliver the finest craftsmanship and complete your home on schedule.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we ensure that all our carpentry work goes through a few rounds of different tests to ensure top-notch quality for your home.