We understand that picking out the right flooring for your new home can be daunting when you see the options laid out in front of you.We break down each of the common flooring types found in Singapore to help you better understand and choose one that will suit you and your new home best.#1. Marble Marble floors are a premium architectural element made out of natural stone, and are highly popular in Singapore due to
Applying for a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat and finally getting the keys to your first home can be a little daunting and yet very exciting at the same time.We share with you the renovation journey people usually go through from getting your keys to the completion of your home to help you get a better idea of what you need to do and what to take note of.#1. Requirements & Needs Photo by Green Chameleon on
After getting your new flat renovated into a Muji-style home, you’ll need to get furniture, household items and other décor to truly transform your living space into a true Muji abode. Some of us may stick to purchasing all our items from Muji, but others may find that your choices are limited if you only shop there.We compiled a list of other brands you can purchase from to achieve your Japanese zen and Muji-style home.#1.
The Muji home design has been trending for quite a while and is getting increasingly popular in Singapore. It seems like the world is very much in love with the interior design style as it gives off a zen and airy vibe, making our home a cosy and comfortable one to return to.An interior design style similar to the Muji style is the Scandinavian interior design style. It gives off a clean and airy vibe
Minimalist interior design
Some of the most common interior design styles used in Singapore are Minimalist and Contemporary design styles.Maybe a few of us are able to spot the difference between both styles, but if you’re not attentive enough to the details, you could get confused as both of these styles spot similar characteristics and could give off the same vibes and confuse many homeowners.In order to help you achieve the style that you really want, we share


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