Interior Design and Build

A wholesome design experience for homeowners who want more than just designs or renovation works. This is the stage where the design gets completed by your personal Interior Designer that serves you. This way, the essence of the design will stay true and gets translated consistently throughout. From the quality workmanship by our own in-house carpentry studio to the detailed project management.

Our team is trained and well-versed in space planning, interior designing as well as project management to ensure all projects are smooth sailing from the start to completion. We will be the single source of contact during the renovation process so that your journey will be an enjoyable experience, one free of any hassle.

The Journey

At Design Story, our team members are trained in interior designing, as well as overall space planning and project management. Through our design consultation, we strive to make the experience enriching, by educating and creating a  beautiful yet functional space for your lifestyle and habits.

We value all our homeowners and we want to create a fuss-free renovation journey for you. As such, we will be your single point of contact throughout the entire renovation process and ensuring that your home renovation sails smoothly from start till completion.

You can always rely on us to deliver fully in the following areas:

Floorplan Creation


Our Designers begin every project by brainstorming. We always map out the existing connection between rooms, spaces and physical features through a bird’s eye view of the space before proposing how to utilize them more effectively.


This process allows us to visualize various elements moving through your living space and better plan to create your ideal environment. It also allows us to identify any potential kinks and iron them all out before moving forward onto the following more detailed stages as foundation is vital to us.

Carpenter Workshop

Design & Fabrication

After the initial space planning stage, we then conceptualize realistic 3D drawings for you to better envision your completed home. This 3D concept drawing will not only consider your lifestyle habits and needs, but also incorporate design and theme preferences of your choice, on a concept storyboard for your approval. 


Upon your approval, fabrication will commence at our in-house studio. You can personally witness your own cabinetry and décor being fabricated. From internal framework to external design, we are dedicated to ensure that each cabinetry and décor piece is made of the highest craftsmanship to meet modern standards.

Interior Design Process


At this phase, your dream home has been turned into a reality. The final outcome will be the same as you first received at the visualization phrase. You can rest assured knowing that your project will directly resembles what was proposed, discussed and amended during the design consultation process. No surprises, no second guesses!