What We Offer

Interior Design and Build

A complete design process for home owner who wants more than just design. We build our Design. This is where the design gets executed by the same person who design it. This way, the essence of the design will stay true and get translated through good workmanship with our own in-house local carpentry factory as well as detailed project management until completion.

Our team is trained in space planning, interior designing as well as project management to ensure all projects are smooth sailing from the start to completion. We will be the single source of contact during the renovation process so that home owner will have an enjoyable experience throughout.

The best condo interior design Singapore

Design Story’s interior decorator in Singapore team is trained in interior designing, as well as overall space planning and project management. We strive to provide you with the most thorough condo interior design consultation in Singapore that takes into consideration your current lifestyle and habits so that we are able to design a beautiful, yet functional, space that meets your needs. Through our design consultation in Singapore, we hope to both meet and exceed your expectations.

As our valued client, you are our top priority. We want to you to enjoy designing your own story. As such, we will be your single point of contact throughout the entire renovation process. We will ensure that your projects sail smoothly from start to completion.

You can always rely on us to deliver fully in the following areas:

  •  Balance
    Balance is all about the idea of achieving aesthetically pleasing visual symmetry and equilibrium. Our interior design consultation in Singapore will always take into consideration the overall visual balance of your space. We take note of both clashing and complementary colours, patterns and shapes to design balanced space décor for a place that you would be proud to call home.

  • Harmony
    We combine similar and closely related interior design components to convey a sense of balanced harmony in your home. Our interior design concepts will always seamlessly integrate aspects such as adjacent colours on a colour wheel or similar shapes to create a harmonious blend that emanates a sense of serenity, calmness and comfort.

  • Rhythm
    Our interior design consultation in Singapore will always consider the flow of rhythm throughout your home. We love to imitate the flow of organised movement, much like a rhythm. We always ensure that one element in our interior design concept will be able seamlessly lead the eye onto another element of your home. This helps to keep the rhythm alive and groovy!


Our interior decorator Singapore team begin every interior design consultation in Singapore by brainstorming. We will always map out the existing connection between rooms, spaces and physical features through a bird’s eye view of the space before proposing how to utlise them more effectively. The brainstorming process in the interior design consultation process allows you to visualise various elements moving through your space, and examine to see if it really suits your needs. It allows you to easily identify any potential kinks and iron them all out before moving forward onto the following more detailed stages.

Design & Fabrication

After the initial space planning stages of our design consultation in Singapore, we will conceptualise realistic 3-dimensional (3D) drawings for you to better visualise your completed home. This 3D concept drawing will incorporate your lifestyle habits and needs, as well as design and theme preferences. It will be presented on a design concept storyboard for your approval.

Once our concept design has received your approval, fabrication will commence at our local local in-house factory. You can personally witness your own cabinetry and décor being fabricated. From internal framework to external design, we are dedicated to ensuring that each cabinetry and décor piece is made of the highest craftsmanship to meet modern standards. 


The final concept design that your Design Story interior decorator Singapore will present you will be the result that you receive at your project’s completion. It will be your first and final impression. You can rest assured knowing that your project will exactly resemble what was proposed, discussed and amended during the design consultation process. No surprises, no second guesses!