Things to look out for when choosing an interior designer to work with

Many homeowners go through a series of serious research, consultations, and nights of pondering before they narrow their options down to the one interior designer to work with, this process isn’t an easy one considering all the factors you’ll need to take note of. 

Tapping on our years of experience working with many homeowners, let us share with you some of the concerns we’ve heard over the years, and share with you some things you should take note of when choosing an interior designer.


Doing renovations for your new home is one of the high-ticketed purchases you’ll ever do in your life. 

When getting your quotations from various interior designers, factor in their ability to conceptualise something beautiful and practical within your budget, you wouldn’t want to save costs but live in a space falling apart, you wouldn’t want to also burn a hole in your pocket building a dreamy and extravagant home full of extra things you don’t actually need.

Remember that on top of renovations, you will still need to spend money buying appliances and other home living products. 


The home that you’ll be living in, probably for the rest of your life, should be a space you enjoy looking at.

Take a look at the design proposed by different interior designers, and narrow down to a design that is functional, and one that you really like. Remember that design sketches can always be changed, so if there are certain elements of a certain concept you don’t fancy, you can always voice out to your designer and have those things changed. 

Also take note that while a beautiful home would be nice, you should always prioritise the functionality of it. A home should complement your lifestyle and not complicate it for you.


Factor in the timeliness of the designers’ replies and how well can you work with this person. While the designers are the ones proposing concepts, doing up designs and handling the project for you, it is important that they can easily grasp what you want and communicate with you and the contractors effectively.

Being able to ‘vibe with’ your designer will ensure you have a pleasant time working with them.


This is pretty straightforward and should be something most people will do when sourcing out people to work with, take a look at the reviews of a company and how many years of experience they have.

When looking at reviews, take note of some of the things the company or designer has done for their clients, what are some of the factors important to you?

Sometimes having many years of experience might not necessarily mean that they are the best out there.  


If it’s possible, find out through reviews of the company’s website and social media platforms on their work processes, how do they handle their staff and projects?

Are they an ethical business? Do they keep a close eye on the renovation process and provide updates regularly? What are some details they take note of when working with their clients to ensure that you get the best and things are done according to your liking? 

Renovation work could be daunting and complicated, but with the right designer, they can guide and help you achieve a seamless and comfortable journey to getting your dream home built. 

At Design Story, we listen to your needs and come up with design concepts based on your lifestyle habits and preferences, all while making sure you don’t have to lift a finger during the entire process. Contact us for a free consultation and let us turn your dream home into a reality. 

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