Design the Minimalist Home You’ve Always Wanted

Your Oasis of Simplicity in a Busy World

Home should be where you feel most at peace: a calm retreat from the stresses of life, a place to slow down and recharge. Whether you’re dreaming of a zen hideaway, a couple’s sanctuary or rustic asceticism, our highly experienced designers will help you bring your minimalist dreams to life. 



Paring down your home to just the essentials gives every element the space to breathe. With a minimalist design free of clutter and distraction, you’ll be able to appreciate the simple beauty of every thoughtfully-chosen feature.


Like the minimalistic design ethos, we bring our years of experience to help you focus on the essentials and tell your story.

Minimalist Design is For You If...

  • You like simple aesthetics and peaceful spaces 
  • You appreciate unfussy, functional designs with clean lines and shapes
  • You enjoy quality over quantity
  • You want a home that is easy to maintain
  • Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

    Finding a designer who fully understands your needs can be a daunting process. You can schedule a no-obligation chat with us to share your vision for your home, and let us work with you to see how we could turn that vision into reality. 
    As part of the consultation, you’ll receive a 3D-rendered design that includes:

      ✔ Furnishing, lighting, and carpeting 

      ✔ Furniture placement and decorative accessories 

      ✔ Carpentry work

      ✔ Tiles and flooring

      ✔ And how all this adds up to produce a comfortable and efficient home.

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    At Design Story, we are committed to crafting the best interior design personalised to meet our home owners requirements.

    From concept to creation, we are dedicated to helping you create a dream home that is equally stylish with pragmatic approach and comfortable. 

    Our passion lies in crafting the best interior design for you, consisting of transformative spaces that fully maximise your areas. The satisfaction of our happy home owners have garnered us many good reviews and this is what drives us to maintain our standard of excellence.

    The Team

    Design Story’s team of professionally interior designers take an integrative approach towards gaining a better understanding of your various needs. 

    Additionally, our dedicated designers will also ensure the nature and complexities of your interior design project is fully communicated across to and understood by everyone involved in it.

    Friendly Service

    At Design Story, we take on a friendly approach towards all of our home owners project. Our team of professionally interior designers deliver exceptional customer service to ensure that your home is well taken care of throughout the entire process. Our stable clientele comprising predominantly of loyal retainer and their referrals is a strong testament of our strong work ethic and ingenious talent!