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The Importance of Good Carpentry with Curated Design for your Home.

Good Carpentry – is what transforms a space into your dream home. From shelves, cabinetry to ingenious storage solutions, it is not hard to see why built-in make up the bulk of renovations costs. That is why having good carpentry couple with curated design justify for that and best of all, last you for years.

It is difficult to compare the costs of carpentry between different ID firms. Because different carpentry designs would depends on the materials used, level of detailing and the amount of workmanship required as well as the complexity of the designs. This will set your home different from the rest and it is more worthwhile to invest in quality work that can withstand the test of time.


At Design Story, our carpentry team gives us the liberty to provide any customised designs to suit all your home needs. Best of all, it is located just below our showroom and we are able to oversee the process and conduct regular checks. As such, the quality of work will not be compromised as compare to those who outsource their carpentry works. Together with our experience designers and carpentry team, not only can we propose the designs ideas to your liking, the turn around time are reduced from improved process efficiency due to having things done locally.

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