After getting your new flat renovated into a Muji-style home, you’ll need to get furniture, household items and other décor to truly transform your living space into a true Muji abode. Some of us may stick to purchasing all our items from Muji, but others may find that your choices are limited if you only shop there.

We compiled a list of other brands you can purchase from to achieve your Japanese zen and Muji-style home.

#1. Crate & Barrel

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Crate & Barrel merchants work with a large variety of artists and designers to produce the furniture and décor pieces they have now.

Their products are of great quality and are on the pricier side, with furniture going up to as high as $6000, but if you’re someone who pays attention to the environment and would like to purchase from a company with sustainable practices, Crate & Barrel will be fit for you.

Some collections you can consider are:

Sherwood Collection (Living Room) 

Cavett Collection (Living Room) 

Linea II Collection (Bedroom) 

Walker Natural Dining Collection (Dining Room) 

#2. For The Common Goods – Studio Hiji

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Brought in by For The Common Goods, Studio Hiji is a design studio based in Jakarta that produces contemporary rattan furniture, with natural rattan ethically sourced within Indonesia.

Rattan is a material not many people would fancy, but these skillfully crafted rattan furniture would sit very nicely and blend into your Muji-style home no matter where you place them.

Head on over to For The Common Goods’ showroom to view more of Studio Hiji’s products.


IUIGA is a brand that’s getting increasingly popular amongst new homeowners for its low pricing and beautiful products. Apart from household items, IUIGA also sells furniture of different designs, suitable for many different interior design styles.

You can definitely find quite a few pieces of furniture or décor for your Muji style home on IUIGA, and maybe even snag all your household needs from IUIGA at a price lower than most retailers.

Here are some items we recommend you getting:

Lauren Coffee Table 

Alvin TV Console

Ole Bed Frame 

Berlin Dining Table

Bed Linen


Carefully curated by the owners themselves, ATOMI features beautiful products made for your stylish and comfortable lifestyle. As products brought in by ATOMI are designed by Japanese designers, these items scream ‘Japan’ and will definitely be perfect for your Muji-style home.

Apart from furniture, you can also find your regular household items at ATOMI to ensure that your home is as Muji as it can be. Products are on the pricier side though, so if you’re on a tight budget, ATOMI may not be the place to go to.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:


Forms Sofa | Two Seater 

Lightwood Dining Table Set 

Natural Japanese Hiba Wood – Large Coffee Table

CORNICE 3 Tray Table 


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