The Scandinavian interior design style has been in trend for a really long time and is a favourite among Singaporeans for its minimalist look and the calm and cosy vibes it gives off – fit for a great relaxation after a long day at work.

For those who are not quite sure what the Scandinavian home encompass and would like to find out more before deciding on whether to go for the look, read on and we’ll explain the key characteristics of a Scandinavian home to you.

#1. Less is More

A Scandinavian home is clean and airy because simplicity is an important element. Furniture and other decorative pieces have clean designs and serve their purpose. Instead of filling your home with lots of things you don’t need, choose what’s necessary and keep the space clean and uncluttered.

#2. Modern Furniture

Unlike the Industrial or Rustic interior design style, Modern furniture are used in a Scandinavian home as they are often sleek and have gentle lines and subtle curves – keeping in mind the less is more concept.

#3. Light, Muted Colours

Colours chosen are usually white or light colours to keep the space looking bright, uniformed and cohesive. Warm earthy tones or an occasional bold colour is used to prevent the place from looking cold and help make the house look cosy.

#4. Wood

Light wooden furniture made of beech or pine are often chosen, decorative pieces or home living products such as rattan is also often used in a Scandinavian home. In Singapore, vinyl flooring with a wooden look is also widely used in a Scandinavian home.

#5. Greenery

Potted plants or even dried flowers and other dried plants are added to bring in some life and add a splash of colour and greenery into Scandinavian homes.

We hope this helped you to get a better understanding of how a Scandinavian home is like.

If you’d like to achieve your own Scandinavian home but not sure how you should go about doing it, contact us and let us help you bring your dream home to life.